Friday, October 17, 2008

Party in Pasadena

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of shooting with Bree from Brienne Michelle Photography in the beautiful wedding of Lisa and Dali.  They were married in the beautiful city of Pasadena and held their reception at the Athanaeum on the campus of Cal Tech.  Most of the wedding party met at harvard, so I was around very smart people all day, but they let me take their pictures anyway.  They had a very interesting and engaging "east-coast-ness" to them which I liked a lot.  I haven't had a lot to blog lately, so I'm putting up a few more images to make up for it.  Here are some of the images.  


Loved this dress shot
Love in an elevator, livin' it up as I'm goin' dooowowown
Who doesn't like an elevator?
Mod Squad
thanks Becker!
Dali, the groom is in the middle of the seven.  
She and my camera had a staring contest.  She won.
Brother and sister
The handsome groom.  Bree sent me over to get the guys
while she worked with the girls.

They had a fabulous candle lighting part of the ceremony 
where the dad's lit their candles from the big church candle
and then walked to the back of the church, where they sent
the flame up through the congregation sitting in the pews.  
Then the mothers lit their flames from their sides, and 
placed their candles next to the unity candle, which the 
bride and groom lit together. Kind of cool imagery.
I thought this balcony of the church looked straight out
of Indiana Jones, complete with spider webs and a silhouette 
shadow of a statue through the window.  I started to look for
numbers on the floor, or a secret passageway, but then Bree
told me I had to take pictures. Oh well.
A Grandpa.
This picture was taken in 1952, thanks to Kevin Kubota.
What a happy couple
I caught these two in the act just after the ceremony.
The getaway car was incredible.  
I'll let the picture speak for itself.

It is common in Pasadena culture to give high-5's to brides
passing you in the hallway of really nice hotels.

We wanted City Hall, but another group got the permit before us.
So, we walked in the street in front of city hall, technically not on
the sidewalk so we were safe, and still got some fun pictures there.
Cal Tech had a gorgeous campus...truly beautiful!

On the way to the reception...

The father's speech was hilarious!

Here's to you, kid.
The details were quite exquisite.

The band was really good, and tons of fun.

Father Paul was the officiating clergy for the day.
He was so laid back and relaxed it was wonderful.