Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tammy and Kenneth - a teaser

Holy wedding cakes Batman!  I had the privilege of shooting Tammy and Kenneth Brandon's wedding this past Saturday.  It was a tough day going into it, having all my lenses stolen the night before, but God provided  over and above what I needed and I had a blast!  Here are a few images from the day, but there's a lot more coming.  I think these will let you know why the day went so well...you can just see the joy radiating from Tammy, Kenneth and all those around them.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tammy and Kenneth E-Session

God is so good.  It is true that he delights in giving good gifts to his children.  Tuesday was a beautiful day, and now there's only 4 days left 'till the big day for Tammy and Kenneth!  We headed down to The Pike in Long Beach to shoot some engagement photos and have a little hang time before zero hour on sat and boy was it perfect!  It was so much fun to hang out with them. Kenneth and Tammy are so easy-going and relaxed, so in love and so joyful that it's impossible to not start feeling the same way.  Tammy has a smile that just doesn't stop, and Kenneth might have missed his calling, as a model.  Tammy and Kenneth, I'm really looking forward to your wedding!  
This wheel is on an actual sailing vessel that is completely old school, 
straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean, complete with cannons.
SOOC: go canon + golden delicious light

It's amazing the places you can get when you drop the "getting married" card!

one of my fav's, compositionally speaking =)

alright alright, a little cheesy, i know

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kacie and Todd's Wedding

Thanks for Letting me 2nd shoot Steve!

Emma is ONE!

We had a fantastic time at the park on Saturday with a ladybug themed party for Emma. Darren and April invited friends and family to celebrate the first year of Emma Grace on this earth.  I had some stiff competition with Doug, Aprils father, who is an avid photographer and managed to take more pictures than me!  He's a Nikon guy, but I'll try not to hold it against him. =)  Thanks April for putting on such a great party!  It was a blast to get together!

The Birthday Girl
A Story by April and Darren and Nathan, but mostly Nathan

There once was a birthday girl with eyes of blue
She liked big polka-dot balloons and would hug them all too!
While playing with grandma out on the grass green,
They blew great big bubbles, all shiny and sheen
She reached up to grab one, and no one said "Stop!"
But before she could grab it, the bubble went Pop!
All giggles and smiles, her mama so proud,
You could tell just by looking, their smiles were so loud!
She played in the sand
and she played with her bags
But the most fun of all was riding with dad.
Then this J-Crew guy showed up.
Then the winds of change, they started to blow
Emma looked to the sky, could it be snow?
Emma asked the rabbit, "what should be done?"
She couldn't stand the thought of stopping all that fun.
It soon became clear that something must be done
A battle was coming, and that battle must be won
The Warriors, they painted and psyched themselves up

They swang...
...and they swung...
 ...and they never gave up!

As the ghastly mexican lady bug spilled her candy guts
The crowd cheered and they yelled and they almost went nuts.
The day was saved, but as soon became clear
that wasn't the only feat to bring fear
A crazy lady with a box full of bugs
was quickly approaching with a menacing mug.

"One of these you must eat!, or you're not really one,
then in vain you've been smiling and having all this fun!"

A task so ginormous and ghastly and gaunt
was sure all her memories of this birthday to haunt
So she split it in two and pondered and thought
"I might as well try it, I'll give it a shot!"
"This tastes pretty wow, so rich and so new,
That it tasted so good, I hadn't a clue!"
I'll pound it and roll it,
I think that's how it's done
But any way you slice it, this cupcake sure is fun!
They all agreed.
"No, no, that's now how to eat it, you do it just like this,
If you concentrate real hard, your mouth you shan't miss"
(The scary lady actually turned out to be pretty nice. 
Moral of the story, don't judge a scary lady by her facebook)

The End

Here's April and her friend Missy
And April's Dad, Doug, the other photographer

And last but not least, Grandma Helen and Emma