Sunday, June 15, 2008

Announcing Emma Grace Board!


April Dawn Board reported to the doctor's office in Santa Clarita, CA. Reports of high blood pressure and risk of seizure from priaclampsia led to immediate inducement of labor at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital.

So the whole fam (Mom, Dad, Hannah, Leanna, Nathan F. and I) rushed to SC to join Darren and April. Soon after we arrived, two surprise guests joined us. April's mom and sister drove down from northern CA to be with her. After many hours of anxious waiting, Emma Grace Board was born on Saturday morning, at 1:53 AM to an awesome set of parents. Weighing in at 7 lb 12 oz, 20" long and lots of dark hair, we are all amazed at this miracle of life God has brought into our family. God is so good to bless us, and especially Darren and April with a beautiful little girl. I'm on the road, away from my computer, so all of these images are straight out of the camera.

waiting for the elevator
waiting for the baby
keeping track of time

Leanna's beautiful elephant walk

waiting for the baby

the time is right...
a very proud dad (and brother)
a very proud grandma and grandpa

aunt Crystal, April's sister

Emma's first bath

Friday, June 13, 2008

Orchestra Concert at RCC

The wonderful Kevin Mayse of Riverside City College had me out to do a shoot for their concert.  They played some great stuff, including Tchaik 5 (one of my favorites, duh).  Here were some images that weren't too bad. =)

The King of the Brass, and thereby the whole orchestra

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shootout on Kooi farm

So a few days before my sister's incredible wedding, i had a chance to practice a little bit with my co-worker and friend, Eric Kooi.  His family agreed to go on a photoshoot a few days before the wedding so I could break in the lenses that I rented.  So late in April we headed to the park and took some pictures.  The Kooi's are such a blessing to be around.  They put the Lord first in all they do, and their kiddos are so full of life and sweet.  I'm so thankful to get to work with Eric every day, and to hang with his fam frequently.

The Kooi's
Mom and Dad

Mom and Audra
Eric teaches Jr. High and 5th and 6th grade, and has 
some of the BEST facial expressions!
Here's me trying to get down from a tree, where I was 
shooting from.  Eric took this picture, and is a fine
photographer in his own right.

This picture just captures Audra's energy and playfulness

Baby Chloe, Hollywood style
Peyton means powerful