Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wedding Time!!!

Okay, So my sister got married this last weekend!  It was so much fun, and they are incredibly happy.  I have so much to share about it, but this is all I have for now.  Here is the first shot from the wedding that I've posted.  There will be many more!  Also, this is the first photoshop-ing I've ever done.  I just installed the program an hour ago.  Thanks Brienne for all your help!!  Now I most certainly won't be getting any sleep, I'm too excited!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Matt's Brithday

Matt's Birthday
Steve and I made Matt a really, really big birthday card.
We went to Michaels and bought some poster board and 
foam board, and acrylic paint
The awesome part of the card, besides the incredible 
painting and lifelike surfer, was the fact that when you 
open the card, the surfer moves down the wave.  We're
pretty proud of that.  Thanks to Chris Nitzschke for the
genius idea!
and it wouldn't be a birthday without a Cake!
This was just a double layer chocolate cake
But the frosting is cream cheese, chocolate frosting that
was to die for.  Used a double-boiler system to melt
the chocolate and then added cream, cream cheese and such.

LA Shooting

Another recent shoot went down in LA.  As the sun set,
Steve and I headed in to town.  We saw a lot of interesting
things, and we met an incredible homeless vet named Greg, 
who shared a meal with us at Denny's.

Here's the skyline on our way in.

This building is backlit by lights from the Staples Center.

after is the city of angels.
Across the street from the Staples Center
After dinner we headed north on Figueroa St.
This sign is right by Greg's place on Figueroa
This is the 7th St. Metro Station

This is a famous hotel in LA, but I forgot the name.
We snuck in behind a group of people and rode the external 
glass elevators for some great views of the city.
This was inside the hotel.
This was a random shot of goodness.
Okay, so I didn't stay within 5 pictures, but I'll try harder next time!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wow, life is good. God is good.  I am very behind in 
putting up new pictures, as it's been almost a month.
I have a lot to share, but this is good for me, cause I'm 
only going to put up five pictures from each group,
except, of course, from my sister's wedding.  So here
are the top five from a shoot a while ago in Long Beach.
Every person photographed was asked permission.

I think one of the most consistent symbols of Long Beach
is the bike.  Flat ground + Beach culture = Cruiser
This is my look of "blue steel"
Stopping by the store to pick up some things
Waiting for the bus

Monday, April 7, 2008

Okay, I've got to catch up

So Steve and I headed out to Long Beach to do some evening shooting last Saturday, April5. 
We were headed to 2nd Street, but got derailed by a nice sunset along the way.
The Sunset was nice, and the boats always look so cool.  Probably because they're in the water, and it is a little less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit in there.
I wonder how much these things cost.  Maybe I could live in one....
California Sunset, ahhh....
Now this looks like fun!
They got some bign's
Canine Facilities
So we finally made it down to 2nd street, and boy was it ever a cool place.  There were lots of nice dogs, people, cool bikes, cozy shops and friendly faces.   This was a beautiful Yellow Lab, very friendly dog.  I wonder if this Dog's been to the last picture?A Cool ride, several were spotted during the evening.
Here's an even cooler ride...

I think they stole this dog from the commercial...
We ran into some friends of Steve's from SeaCoast Grace.  I would say that I won't post their names due to internet privacy laws, but I just forgot them (hope they don't read this!)
So many cool details on 2nd street.
Steve and I have a ton of fun shooting together
These were some of the coolest Dogs of the night.

And some bad to the bone bikes
This guy got really antsy when we took his picture, even though we gave him a dollar.  He thought we were with the government or something.  I think he had something to hide. =)

Just missing the firetruck...

We had dinner at La Creperie, an excellent recommendation from Steve's friends.

The Crepes were very good, and very interesting.  This one had chicken, bacon, several cheeses, olive oil and several delicious seasonings....all for $10!
The live music was great as well.
Here's the kitchen, making the Crepes

Then We had some fun playing with light.