Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break!

Spring break was fantastic and I got a chance to spend
some quality time with the fam.  It was my sister's 
birthday, which I forgot, so that makes me the worst
brother in the world, but thankfully I have the best
sister in the world, and she was quick to show grace, 
and we all had a good time together.  The food is 
always a highlight for me when I go home, and this
time my Dad and I worked on a project to get a car
up and running for my sister.

Here's mom, making a fruit salad...mmm
This meat is cooked!  I realized that turning up the 
saturation to an abnormal amount makes the meat
look like it's about to lick me back, but don't worry,
it was cooked, and dinner was fantastic!
I love that my sister Leanna loves life, all the time.
I think this is the closest I caught her to not having a smile
Homemade Pzookies!

Heidi is the new dog, and she's not as cool as Taylor,
the German Shorthaired Pointer, but she does look
pretty nice with her new haircut.

There are a million and one wedding preparations going
on at home right now, all leading up to April 26th!
Some of the trees in Visalia had the most incredible color

The central valley in California is in full bloom with all
the fruit trees in flower, waking up from winter slumber

The project for the weekend was to make this....
Turn into this:
It even works!
On my late night drive back down from the valley to LA,
I was captivated by the full moon and orchards, so I had 
to pull over and have some fun with the camera.

Three coins in the fountain....
This groundcover is stunning

I was hired to play for the MusiCalifornia orchestra,
which is a huge conference for music pastors in Pasadena.
The church the concert was in had a beautiful window in
the ceiling.  the concert was great, and conductor 
David Hamilton was great as well.
Here's two friends.  Eric plays trombone (left) and Preston
plays Horn.  I would have liked to take pictures while we
were playing, but contractors frown on that kind of thing.

Some random shots from around town

So the following pics are some from the last few weeks 
that I've needed to post, but haven't yet.  Enjoy!

My brother Darren and I had a great hike/shoot in 
Placerita Canyon, very close to where much of the 
first season of 24 was filmed.

Darren setting up for a shot

This is underneath the Huntington Pier
A Bees in my front yart

At the local community college they offer a motorcycle
class, which made for a cool shot
This is a stitch from Signal Hill, in Long Beach

Local vegetables at the stand

Thursday, March 20, 2008

This past week has been kind of crazy, but I made it, all due to the
 abundant lovingkindness of a completely good God.  The band and 
orchestra at Valley participated in SCSBOA Festival, and both 
groups received an excellent rating, which I was happy with, 
for now.  We started recording a CD with the High School 
orchestra, and now spring break is here!  I helped out with a 
track meet on Wed., which was the first time I really got to 
use my 6.5 fps. So here are some shots from the week.  
Hope you enjoy, if anybody's checking this out.  
thanks for stopping by!

Santa Clarita At midnight

I was riding my bike through a neighborhood and stumbled upon this firetruck

Jeff is the guy I rent a room from, and he's fantastic, especially with his Ray-Ban's

This is a picture of me, in the window.

This dude was fast.

Chalk Lines on the track


How's my form?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday, March 15

Nothing to wake you up in the morning like a little 
horseplay.  These are the two dogs I live with, Augie 
and Grommit.  Augie is the retriever, and Grommit
is the mutt.  No animals were harmed in the making
of these photgraphs.

They really are nice, gentle, loving dogs, but they look fiesty!
I was expiramenting with some backlighting type setups
in these next couple shots.

Whenever we play fetch, Augie, the well trained 
retriever has to convince Grommit to bring the ball 
A weed. A seed. Feed.
So later that night I drove up to S.C. to go bowling.
Not my best night, as I'll explain in the next shot. I'm 
very impressed with the amount of noise on my 40D at 
3200ISO and with a pretty average lense.  This was
very, very low light.
This is what Preston looks he's beating the
pants off of me...left-handed! yeah, that hurts.
All in all, a few tacos later, it was a great night.  I thank 
God for good friends, even when they lay the smack
down on you in bowling.