Friday, December 12, 2008

Guilty as charged

Okay, okay, so I've been so delinquent. I know.  I am a bad blogger.  I really do have good, er, great excuses for not posting though....I've been lazy.  And extremely busy.  Those two things combined produce a force that repels blogging progress like a strong force that repels a thing strongly.  Sometimes I'm impressed by my own imagery, it's so vivid.  Anyway, since I have so many things to catch up on, I'll start a while back and hit some of the highlights.  Just so there's a big picture of what's coming up, we have to cover friend's birthday parties, weddings, El Salvador and other randomness.

My friends Peter and Sarah Connell had a birthday party for Emily, their 1 year old daughter.  Sarah knocked the ball out of the park with a lady-bug theme that included a fabulous game of "pin the spot on the lady-bug" and sidewalk, table, and cake decorations that were all perfectly red, black and cute.  If cute were a color, this event was monochromatic from top to bottom.  Here is Emily and Sarah's brother, Michael.

Emily and the first Cake

Oh yeah
During our "pin the spot on the ladybug" 
game, Michael, one of my neighbors and 
friend of the Connells decided to have a little fun.
I caught the expression on Pete's face which was priceless.
He's normally a really happy guy, but there was something
ominous about this look. =)
At 6.5 fps, it's like shooting fish in a bucket.  
Only, there's no refraction to deal with.
A slight change of subject.  I played with the American Victory Orchestra for the Daniel Pearl World Music Days this past October and November, and the rehearsals took place up in woodland hills.  Afterwards I headed down Topanga Canyon (A fantastic drive!) to PCH, and this picture is from the stoplight at that intersection.

I drove down PCH and ended up in Santa Monica with some time to kill.  These shots are all from the beach path.
This family had tabled the conversation.
Gotta love beach sunsets, ever if there aren't that many clouds.
I liked the reflection of the ferris wheel in the water.
Fast forward to haloween, and my awesome neighbors came to visit.  Rob pulled this scarecrow costume together in about 10 minutes.  Pretty impressive.

Ella was completely Dorothy, right down to the 
ruby red slippers and Todo, although, 
I think the dog was dead. Either dead or sleeping.
the trio

Okay, I will try and blog semi-consistently from now on, or until I have a relapse of my strong force problem.