Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fairbanks, AK

Well, life has been a whirlwind the past couple weeks, so I'll try and post a few things to catch up till now. I am currently in Fairbanks, Alaska, for the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival. I'm playing a ton of horn in all kinds of groups. A highlight is definitely playing the Schumann Konzertstucke with the orchestra, which is a piece for 4 solo horns and orchestra. Earlier in July I had the privilege of shooting Nicole and Paul's wedding in Long Beach. Brienne Michelle and Steven Hernandez helped me out and we had a blast the whole day! Here's a couple fabulous shots from that day. And there'll be a big post in August on these guys as well.

After the wedding, my sister Hannah came down to hang out for a few days. We had a blast and did all kinds of things, including her senior pictures. Here's a couple of the ones we liked...

Then I took off for Alaska on the 18th. The flight up was just beautiful and Seattle is one of my favorite places. Here's a few shots of flying into Seattle.
Leaving LAX
Here is Beautful Malibu, CA

Shortly after Malibu I saw this plane flying towards
us, which didn't look very safe, but we didn't crash. WooHoo!
It was the closes i've ever seen another plane to me in flight.
Here is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The first bridge was
famous here because the natural resonant frequency of the bay
matched that of the bridge, which caused the bridge to rock and
roll violently till its collapse.
Mt. Rainier from the plane. A striking 14,411 ft which comes
straight up from almost sea level.
Here is the Columbia River, made famous by the Lewis and Clark
Expedition of 1803-1806, the first American overland trek to the
Pacific and back.

So, we made it to Alaska and have had a great first week to the festival. Here are some pictures from our hike in Denali National Park on Saturday.

The Birch Forests are just beautfiul. I love the contrast.
Panorama from the top
Sitting on the edge of the world
Alan, a trombonist from UCLA, enjoying the Alaskan summer sun.

Fireweed. The first thing to grow back after a forest fire.
"You lookin' at me?"
Our groundsquirrel company for lunch.
A leisurely lunch on top of the mountain.

The Crew: Alan, Crystal and me

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